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Get Naked, Go Juicing


Are you feeling sluggish, depressed or stuck in a rut? No matter how clean and healthy your diet and lifestyle may be, we live in a toxic world - from our environment and additives/pesticides in our food. 


Join The Naked Sprout team and Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND, for our medically-supervised 7 Day Juice Cleanse! 




Signs of Toxic Overload:

  • Depression, low energy, chronic fatigue
  • Digestive problems and constipation
  • Allergies and food sensitivities
  • Weight gain or inability to lose weight
  • Strong food cravings
  • Frequent illnesses and disease
  • Skin conditions (rashes, acne)
  • Cellulite

Cleansing with high-nutrient juices frees up the energy that is usually needed to digest food, so your body can easily remove these toxins. 


Experience these Benefits:

  • Natural and safe weight loss through detoxing and cleansing
  • Mental clarity/improved mood
  • Better digestion/elimination
  • Healthy and radiant skin and eyes
  • Radical energy increase
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduction in bloating, inflammation and other food allergies
  • Establish new, lasting, healthy habits
  • Feel sexier and improve your libido

The Naked Sprout 7-Day Juice Cleanse makes it EASY to do and we set you up for SUCCESS! Our motto is, “NO EXCUSES!” 


Check out This Article on Juicing Clayton wrote for Silver & Gold Magazine! (Go to page 21)

What you Receive with our 7 Day Juice Cleanse:

  • Medical supervision
  • 24/7 live support by phone or email during the cleanse
  • Community support through online discussion groups
  • A surprise starter gift to help you on the juice cleanse
  • Twice-daily, live, guided meditation sessions via webinar
  • Optional blood and urine testing before and after as well as live blood cell analysis (additional cost)
  • 3 meetings (in-person or through webinar, your choice)
  • Tons of take-away information on
    • The medical science and philosophy of juicing and detoxing
    • Which juicer is best
    • How to prepare for and come off the juice cleanse
    • Recipes, juicing plan and full nutritional data for all 7 days (6 juices daily) 


Don’t let distance or inability to make it to the live meetings stop you!  All meetings will also be available live and recorded online via webinar.



 Next start date: Postponed





2 Plans to Choose From:

1.  Do it Yourself ($125*)

7 day menu plan, recipes and detailed grocery list. Buy your own food. You will have the opportunity to buy organic produce through us at much cheaper rates than a grocery store and we will be selling a wide variety of juicers at discounted rates.


2.  Do it the Easy Way (Pick-up $600*)

All the juices made for you and can be picked up at The Naked Sprout.


* All prices do not include HST. For the full price, please add the HST

** Bring a buddy for moral support and save $25 off any plan!  After you and your buddy have signed up, email us

    at juicecleanse@thenakedsprout.com with both of your names and we’ll refund you each $25.

*** Normal discounts apply to the basic workshop package price (Do It Yourself) only.  If you are a Chrysalis member and register for one of the other

    options, we will refund $12.50 of your purchase price.




 Important Information:

Dates: Postponed

Meeting Times: 

Facilitators: Clayton Smith, Dr. Andrea Maxim - Naturopathic Doctor, and Andrea Giles. Check out their BIOS.

FAQs: If you have any questions that aren’t answered in our Juice Cleanse FAQs, please email us at juicecleanse@thenakedsprout.com



Optional Medical Testing:

With Dr. Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor

You can elect to have urinalysis and blood work done before and after the cleanse to give you a benchmark starting position and personal medical evidence of whether the cleanse worked or not.  These tests will also be useful to let you know your general state of health and possibly identify any hidden medical issues that should be addressed.


The tests include two consults with Dr. Maxim, ND, a complete urinalysis as well as selective blood work-up to determine  your current state of health, stress level, and kidney and liver function in particular.  Total cost for the before and after tests is $240.  If you have medical insurance, this cost can be claimed as it will be billed directly by Dr. Maxim, ND.


The other cool test we are offering through an associate of Dr. Maxim, ND, is a live blood cell analysis by Shannon Gregory.   Live blood cell analysis reveals distortions within red and white blood cells reflecting an individual’s nutritional status. Low levels of iron, protein, vitamin B12, can be seen. Signs of liver stress, yeast, parasites, protein digestion and hormonal imbalances are common imbalances detected.  Total cost for before and after cleanse live blood cell analysis is $50. 


You can choose to do one of the above and not the other or both or none.  Please email juicecleanse@thenakedsprout.com to indicate your interest and we will provide further details.